Blue Moon


Our Blue Moon Development have a standard Conditions, Covenants, Restrictions, Easements and Charges agreements (CCR’):

For the complete CCR’s agreement document, please contact us. We will gladly email it to you. Here are few critical points from our agreement:

Homeowner Association Maintenance Fees for the Common Area:

The annual maintenance fees are $1,200 for empty lots and $1,800 once construction starts. The fee can be increased by a majority vote of lot owners so as to be sufficient to cover all maintenance costs. Funds remaining after all expenses have been paid at the end of the year, shall be used for the coming years expenses, or the Declarant may reduce the annual billing for one year only if the Declarant determines that the excess plus the coming years billing plus a reasonable reserve is not projected to be needed for expenses.

The fee will provide for the maintenance of the private roads, the beach and any common areas or facilities including, but not limited to, parks, open space, water ways, piers, canals, swimming pools, drainage facilities, retaining walls, security walls gates, landscaping, security.

Homeowner Association Security:

Security guards will be hired to man the entrance gates and patrol the area. The costs is included in the maintenance fee referred to above.

Property Taxes:

Estimated property taxes will be approximately $ 800 per year/


Estimated homeowner’s insurance is approximately $ 2.000 per year for $ 600k Villa.

We strive to create harmonious living space in this heart of beautiful natural environment, carefully fitted with our uniquely designed homes.

Master Plan of our community