Is it possible to get a local financing for the land lot and the house construction in Roatán Honduras?

The answer is yes, if you accept the process of getting a local residency on Roatán, which you probably should, if you plan to live here anyway. (Please note that Residency or Permanent Residency does not mean Citizenship, i.e. you will keep your current citizenship, you will just get the local residency on the Island)

Getting Local Residency on Roatán?

Obtain a local residency status is 3 to 4 month process and will cost between $ 2,000 to $ 2,500, depending on the number of your family members. It can be done 100% remotely . You just need to contact us and follow the legal process.

More information on how to get the local residency is here.

The best Attorney at Law in Roatan Island specializing on helping clients to obtain the local residency is
Lissa Asfura Tel: +504-9450-6866 Email:

Alternatively you can contact Daniel Matamoros at +504 3351-8531 located at mainland Honduras.

Local Financing

With good foreign credit report, the local bank can borrow up to 100% of the funds necessary to finance the land lot and house construction to local resident. The construction financing is typically done in 3 or 4 lump sum payments – depending on the agreed schedule – and we, the builder are fully approved and compliant to this financing process as we’ve build many homes on Roatán financed in this way.

As the the local financing happens in the Honduras local currency – Lempira (HNL) and as the historical inflation rate during the last 8 year was approximately 4% per-annum, the local bank will add the expected inflation rates to the their loan interest rates. Yet if you plan to pay your loan in the US dollars or other word currencies, then practically your interest rate will be lower by the actual inflation rate, projected around 4%.

USD to HNL (Lempira) Historical Exchange Rate

The local bank we are working with is bank Davivienda.

Information about Home financing/Mortgages are here – unfortunately only in Spanish language.

Current mortgage interest rates are here.

Currently advertised interest rate in Lempira (HNL) is 11.5% nominal (12.3% effective) however our past clients with good credit score were able to obtain 9 to 10% of interest rate in HNL, which would be an equivalent of 5% to 6% on USD or word currencly

Please contact us for more information.

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