We are offering high level of customization of our existing architectural drawings as adding an extra bedroom, adjusting room size etc. Furthermore we are open to build based on the client’s own architectural drawings as long as they will comply with our Conditions, Covenants, Restrictions, Easements and Charges  declaration (CCRs) and will generally fit in to the local environment. Pangea Beach CCRs are here. The primary requirements is for the house to be of a white color. To price the construction of client’s own architectural drawings, our architectural and constriction team would review the design and provide the actual quotation. Our approximate building prices are following: Concrete construction of indoor areas $100,- to $150,- per sq. ft. Wood construction of indoor areas: $90,- to $120,- per sq. ft. Outdoor areas for both concrete & wood:  $40,- to $50,- per sq. ft.


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