Buying in Roatán

Buying & Closing Process at Pangea Beach

The overall closing process in Roatán Honduras is very similar to the closing in the USA: third party escrow agency will collect and hold customer’s funds while recording the purchasing property to the local municipality and the national real estate registry. The escrow company is locally licensed and fully assuring the completeness of each recorded transaction.

We are using the Title & Escrow agency from one of the biggest real estate agency on the island (Roátan Bay Island/ReMAX) for our transactions. Their advantage is that they are using USA based City Bank account to receive funds from our USA based clients, so they don’t need to worry abut wiring their money abroad.

Since the 1991 a non Honduran citizen can purchase, as an individual, up to 3000 square meters (.74 acres) of land, for residential use.

Reason why to purchase
property in Roatán