Charming destination with countless stories of people who visited the island and never left again

The charming natural beauty of Roatán made it one of the most sough-after vacation destination in the Caribbean. These breathtaking sciences and likely to the affordable prices of real estate – still one of the lowest in the entire Caribbean – are likely the reason that you will meet here many people who once came for vacation visit and decided to never leave the island again; others moved to the island short after their first vacation here finished. These are the people form around the world, still enchanted and enjoying Roatán’s ‘paradise-like’ atmosphere.

Direct Flight Connectivity

It is the largest of the Bay Islands in the Southwest Caribbean, just East of Belize and north of the mainland. The direct flights from North America and mainland increased the amount of English-speaking tourists to reach Roatán every year. Besides, the latest direct routes from major cities of the world has further added to the value of the importance of Roatán as vacation destination.

Presently, Roatán is a home for a large population from Canada, USA and Europe. WSJ, Yahoo Travel, international living and islands magazines has speculated that Roatán has most promising growth potential in the Caribbean. That is the reason, Roatán Real Estate is considered as one of the best place to invest. The cost of land and houses for sale in Roatán is gradually increasing approximately by 11% year over year. World-renowned development companies are actually investing in Roatán for the development of 5 star hotels, large-scale residential ventures and condos. Also, many people are eager to have their second home in Roatán.

Cruise Ships

Roatán becomes one of the most popular cruise ship destinations in the whole Caribbean over the recent years.  With a yearly average increase of 15,4% over the last three years, the island now welcomes more than 1 million passengers from cruise ships and nearly a million by airplane, primarily from the United States, Canada and Europe. This immense tourist visits has radically increased the sale of homes and property in Roatán by foreigners.

In Roatán you will find the #37 highest ranked beach in the world according to a survey in CNN, and it was in 2015 voted as the #3 best island in the world to visit by TripAdvisor (TravelersChoice).

Lenders on the Island will provide mortgages for our Villas.

Pristine Roatán, Pangea Beach

Enjoy the Relaxing Atmosphere of Roatán with Violin Music.